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In 1995, Blair's Towing & Recovery, Inc. was born out of a vision to redefine the towing industry by emphasizing trust, reliability, and impeccable service. R. Blair Gentry, armed with seven years of prior industry experience and a dream, set out to create a towing company that stood apart. 
Starting with a single truck and a home-based office, Blair's commitment to "service beyond the expected" was quickly recognized. Within a year, our operations grew to a multi-truck fleet supported by our team of highly-trained and certified employees.

In 1997, our journey continued with the opening of our headquarters in Loudoun County, a strategic choice that enabled us to grow and diversify within the industry. Responding to escalating demand, we proudly expanded in 2001 with a second facility, also in Loudoun County, Virginia. Recognizing further needs, we inaugurated a new location in Alexandria, Virginia in 2008. Continuing our commitment to accessibility and service, 2020 marked the addition of our third location in Chesapeake, solidifying our presence across a significant expanse of Virginia, always ensuring we're within reach when you need us.

Family at the Heart of Service 


Blair's Towing has always been a family owned business.  R. Blair and Joanne Gentry worked tirelessly side-by-side from day one, and today, the legacy continues with their three adult children joining the fold. So you can bet that every service we provide comes with personal attention and commitment.

Blair's Towing & Recovery Fleet
Blair's Towing & Recovery Fleet at Headaquarters
Blair's Towing & Recovery Tow Trucks

Our Motto: Service Beyond the Expected.


Over the years, while our fleet and capabilities have expanded, our core ethos remains unshaken. Whether assisting a stranded motorist in the dead of night, transporting a luxury car with utmost precision, or helping a commercial enterprise with its fleet, Blair's Towing offers service beyond the expected. 


Our team is not only skilled but also highly qualified. All of our operators have undergone extensive training and have been certified by prestigious institutions such as Wreck Masters, TowCert, and the Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA). 


Our drivers are well-versed in National Traffic Incident Management System (TIMS) responder training, ensuring they are equipped to handle various roadside incidents with expertise and efficiency. 


To further ensure the safety and trust of our clients, all drivers undergo a rigorous background check conducted by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). This comprehensive approach to training and certification underscores our commitment to providing exceptional service in the towing and recovery industry.


 We're more than just a towing company. We are a testament to what dedication, family values, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction can achieve. From Loudoun County to Falls Church, Chesapeake, and much of Virginia, Blair's Towing & Recovery, Inc. remains steadfast in its mission of commitment and excellence.

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